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Save time and view sensor data using a ready-to-use platform. Connect your device and start using the data in minutes. Without coding and complex configuration.

SIGNOMIX combines a simple, easy-to-use user interface with advanced IoT device management and data collection capabilities. The default web interface allows secure access to user's data on the platform from a desktop computer or from a mobile. With provided REST API developers can build dedicated solutions using data stored in the platform database.


IoT device management

  • internet connected devices
  • LoRa devices
  • device sharing
  • controlling actuators
  • device templates (for device producers)

Supported LoRaWAN networks

  • The Things Network
  • LoRa Server based networks
  • KPN LoRa
  • more providers on request


  • device management
  • data management
  • dashboard management
  • alerts
  • commands
  • user and access management


  • Secured end-to-end data transfer for LoRa devices
  • HTTPS/SSL for web interface and REST API
  • User access rights for devices and data
  • GDPR compliance


  • default device dashboard created on device registration
  • multi device dashboards
  • widgets with conditional visualization
  • dashboard sharing and embedding


  • Info box
  • Raw data
  • Sticker
  • Line chart
  • Stepped line chart
  • Map
  • Button

Data processing

  • Custom scripts for data processing
  • Conditional events
  • Event-based notifications and device control


  • Alerts in web application
  • E-mail posts
  • Slack messages
  • Pushover messages
  • SMS *

* available on request for Standard accounts and above

Use Cases

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Area monitoring

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Opening sensors

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Air quality

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Private IoT network


The payment model for non-free accounts (allowing the registration of more devices, longer data storage time and additional notification channels, etc.) will be presented after the BETA program ends.

Extended free accounts for students, scientific research and non-profit organizations are available on request.

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