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Do you build your own IoT device or use ready-made LoRa or Internet devices? Don't waste your time creating dedicated applications - Signomix is the solution for you.


Create dashboards that show the data you want with a set of easy-to-configure controls. Share selected dashboards and embed them on websites.

Data processing

Automatically record data from devices or use a simple script to decode them. Verify or modify data as needed. Define rules for generating notifications based on received data.


Watch notifications in the web application. Receive information by e-mail or in external services using webhooks.

* A "smart solution" in the context of IoT refers to a technology or system that utilizes interconnected devices, sensors, and data analytics to automate processes, improve efficiency, and provide intelligent insights or actions. It typically involves the integration of various devices and technologies to enable remote monitoring, control, and optimization of physical objects or environments.